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Last namevan de Kerkhof.
First namePeter Catharina Maria.
Calling namePeter.
Contact datasee Contact Page
Birth2 Jan. 1955 in Heeze Netherlands.
Civil statusMaried, two daughters.
Driver licenseBE.
HobbyInformatics, listning to music, long distance running.


2008Philips Assessment Workshop
2008Seminar Coding Guidelines
2007Philips Assessment Method CMMI-I update workshop
2005Introduction of CMM-I(SEI+) (Tim Kasse)
2005Requirements Management with Doors
2004Philips SPI workshops (2005, 2006,2008)
2002Philips Assessment Method
2000Several training modules related to Project Management (via WWW)
1999Clear Case Training
1998Trainer: Personal Software Process (Certificat)
1997Continuus several courses
1996 & 1997Internal ISO Auditor (Certificat 2x)
1995 - 1996PSOS, BWAI (Certificat)
1992 - 1995HTS Informatics (Diplome)
1989 - 1992Higher Informatics (Certificat)
1987 - 1989Engish (Diplome)
1985 - 1986Statistical Analist (Diplome)
1984 - 1985Statistical Assistent (Diplome)
1979 - 1984MTS Electrotechniqu (Diplome)
1978 - 1979Nothing
1976 - 1978Militaire Servicet (Sergant)
1974 - 1975Internal Faultfinder education (Certificat)
1973 - 1975Bedrijfs Elektronica Monteur (Diplome)
1971 - 1973Philips Bedrijfs Onderwijs (JNO) (Diplome)
1967 - 1971LTS (Diplome)
1991 - 1996Cources: Daily system management (UNIX), PSOS, Software measurements, Configuration Management.
1987 - 1991Courses: Mabra, Clipper 5 ,Oracle (S02,S04)


2013 - nowQuality Assurance and Quality Improvement at Punch Powertrain/td>
2013 - 2014Quality Improvement and software development with Stichting OWG/td>
2011 - 2012Quality Assurance in development of x-ray equipment at Philips Healthcare Best
2008 - 2011Write, improve & assure process manual for Philips Lighting Electronics SW Competence Centre Eindhoven
2006 - 2008Quality Assurance & Process Improvement for Philips Medical Systems Best
2003 - 2006Quality/Management voor Philips Digital Systems Lab Leuven
2002 - 2003Project support 'In house QnAp project' for LG.Philips Displays
2000 - 2002Quality/Management Coach for Digital Networks Products Services Philips Hasselt
1999 - 2000Software Quality Inspector for DVS Product Support Philips Hasselt
1998 - 1999Support SPI workgroups for Digital Transmission Systems Philips
1998 (Feb-Jun)SDE consultant for ASA-Lab Philips
1998 (Jan)ISO 9001 research at GE Plastics
1993 - 1997Software Development Environment support on Unix & NT platform
Support for software tools.
Software library/application management.
Inspection management.
"Problem Report" and "Change Request" management.
1992 - 1993Automatic installation of software 'bundles' on PC's.
Software acceptation tests.
1991 - 1992Implementation of tests during PC assembly.
Contactperson PC specifications.
1984 - 1991application-developer, application-manager.
Developmentteam fault registration system
Helpdesk-function, Statistical support.
Member PC policy commission Consumer Electronics.
Member PC policy commission NOVATRONICS.
Development of data presenttaions for management.
Contact person produktion- and IT-department.
Data support for external contacts.
PC management.
1981 - 1983application-manager, Process support.
Data beheer, Presentaties intern en extern.
1977 - 1980Faultfinder digital TV modules.
1976 - 1977Militairy service (Sergant).
1973 - 1976Faultfinder hearingaids.


System / Operating SystemsTools an applications
PC (MS-DOS) HTML, Microsoft-C, PASCAL, GWBASIC, Borland C++, Xbase, Perl, PHP, DOS Batch, VB(A) Apache WWW server, Net Objects Fusion, FrontPage. AOLPress, etc.
MS-Project,, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word Perfect, CorelDraw, PaintShopPro, Visio, Lotus 123, Oracle, Dbase, MySQL, FoxPro, Wordstar, Brief, ABC Flowchart, Netscape Gold-Communicator, Time, MySQL, Doors, SAP, Windchill, Sharepoint, JIRA, Confluence, Tlib, PVCS, Visual Source Safe, Continuus/CM Synergy, TempoSync Suit, SubVersion, ClearCase & DDTS, PVC , SubVersion
SPARC 5 (UNIX) ksh, tcsh, SED/AWK, Perl, Make, Netscape, HTML, CMD, EventHandler, Timesheet, Continuus, Apache WWW server


German:Comprehend Good, Speak LessRead, not write


Personal and technical information is available on my private website; My family description.


2015 - NowQuality Assurance and Quality Improvement at Punch Powertrain
  • Participate in setup of Research & Development QMS for 9+ disciplines
  • Perform Quality Assurance in New Development projects (9+ disciplines)
2013 - 2014Onderwijs Werk Groep Development and Quality Assurance
  • Web application development
  • Process Improvement
2011 - 2012Philips Healthcare iXR Best Development Quality Assurance
  • Assuring the Quality Management System (QMS) within the product creation process of purchasing, development and product creation in the production, up to service groups for mechanics, electronics and software
  • Introduce en support new project managers in work methods, tools and the Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Give process training & tool support
  • Lead the process improvement program
  • Participate in het process improvement programs
2008 - 2011Philips Lighting Electronics Eindhoven Quality Support
  • Describe the software development model by creating a CMMI level 2 compliant Quality Management System (QMS) incl. documentation management concept with work instructions, templates, reporting, etc.
  • Align the SW Quality Management System with the “Integrated Product Creation” organisational process
  • Manage the software Quality Management System
  • Lead the process improvement program
  • Introduce the SW QMS on the ‘work floor’ by coaching and Quality Assurance
  • Chairman SW CCB and contact person for ICP CCB
1998 - 2008Internal activities at my old employer QnAp iT
  • Development of a Personal Software Process training for QnAP iT employees;
  • Development of a Quality Management System for the branch in Jakarta Indonesia;
  • Give presentations and workshops in Yogjakarta Indonesia;
  • Design, develop and improve the companywebsite and support for website maintenance;
  • Development of web-applikaties (Perl, PHP-MySQL)
    like e.g.: timeregistration, information/news, Management announcements, etc.;
  • Give training/presentations on several SW engineering and quality areas.
    Internal in the Dutch office but also in Indonesia;
  • Give lectures at a CMMI Seminar and hold workshops for a Universiteit in YokYakarta Indonesia;
  • Knowledge transfer sessions for QnAp iT customers;
  • Involvement with internal "knowledge teams" like:
    ISO 9000; Planning & tracking Configuration Management, Risk Management, etc.
2008 -  NowPhilips Lighting Electronics Eindhoven, Process Improvement
  • Match the software development model with the general Integrated Product Creation process;
  • Write work instructions, procedures, etc.;
  • Create a documentation management concept incl. templates, archiving etc.;
  • Introduce all of this on the workfloor.
2006 -  2008Philips Medical Systems Best, Quality Officer
  • Execute Quality Assurance activities during complete Product Realisation Process (Incl. marketing, development, logistics, production, support and aftercare) for several medical software applications;
  • Execution of standard QA tasks during a project:
    Process & workproduct verification, milestone control, etc.;
  • Give support at/on checks if the project/product complies to international laws;
  • Product release with documents and in SAP:
    For (maintenance) project, change decisions and release of blocked orders for orderdesk;
  • Participate in improvement projects.
2003 -  2006Philips Digital Systems Lab Leuven, Quality Coach
  • Process coach for project managers and program managers regarding management, engineering and quality issues;
  • Work in projects on multiple locations and multiple disciplines;
  • Project overview: IC development, IC code development, Medical products, Automotive products, Consumer products;
  • Leader of improvement teams for definition of:: Project Management templates, Subcontracting templates, Architecture templates;
  • Support process definitions, etc.;
  • Contribute in reaching CMM level2;
  • Working towards CMMI and ISO 15504 (SPICE).
2002 - 2003QnAp iT voor LG.Philips Displays, Project Proces Support
  • Process coach for project leader and project members in a 6 man project werking with Visual Basic, Visual C++, Access, Excel, Oracle, PVCS and Track;
  • Creation of 'process awereness' en 'strucured approach' in an 'controlled environment';
  • Define/install of configuration management (CM, CCB, Release), Review and test activities.
2000 - 2002Philips Business Electronics, DTS, Quality Coach
  • Coach for project leaders and project managers regarding management and process quality issues.
  • Active support to give direction in multi-site platform projects for software, hardware and 'overall project management':
    • Support in project organisation of a multi-site software project;
    • Soundingboard for project leader and project manager regarding personel and project management;
    • Lead risk management sessions and doing follow up of risk activities;
  • CCB organisation for project internal and external (9 CCB in 3 levels);
  • Introduction of SW based procedures in a hardware project:
    • Planning and tracking of aktivities
    • Configuration Management for project and 'Not' Technical Product Documentation';
    • Change Control during development (before production);
    • Organise Change Control Boards before and during production.
    • Introduction/training of review technics and procedures;
    • Alignment of (process) quality activities on overall project level;
  • Participate in and leading proces improvement projects for Software and Hardware organisation.
1999-2000Philips Business Electronics, DTS, Quality Engineer
  • Verify all CMM level 2 processes and procedures in an development & maintenance project.
  • Give support to project to correct all CMM 2 KPA deviations according organisational guidelines.
    E.g. Project planning/tracking, Configuration management, Sub contracting, reviews, etc.
  • Participate in improvement projects (SPI)
    bv Release Management, Review Management/data processing, Multi site CM/CCBs, timeregistration linked to project planning, a simple CM tool for documentation, etc.
1998-1999Philips Business Electronics, DTS, Quality Engineer
  • Define planning and tracking procedures incl. progress reporting templates and tool support;
  • Define Sub-contract templates and give support to sub-contract managers;
  • Formalise Configuration Management Procedures;
  • Support for inspections and reviews;
  • General support for SPI cordinator and Quality Manager.
1993-1998 Philips Sound & Vision, ASA Lab, Quality Engineer
  • Internal ISO auditor;
  • Write departemental Configuration Management plan and Project specific Configuration Management plan;
  • Defined project Configuration Management environment as part of the Software Development Environment (SDE):
  • Defined and configured the process model in Continuus and ClearCase to manage sources and documents;
  • Support for build processes;
  • Export of all Continuus data to an Intranet WWW server;
  • Defined a multi-site tools library;
  • Training and support for developers and extra CM managers.
  • Describe methods for Multi Site development;
  • Describe Software Quality System procedures for inspection management, Problem Report and Change Request Management;
  • Prepare for Metrics data collection;
  • Support for UNIX-tools for development and system management, but also researc htowards new tools.
  • Software library/aplication management;
  • Chairman of the local CM Librarian meetings;
1992-1993Philips CE, BAC, Engineer automation
  • Implementation of software acceptance test.
  • Implementationof a SW Downloading network.
  • Installation of a Novell network
  • Define automatic installation of software 'bundles' on PC's
1991-1992Philips CE, BAC-Tilburg, Testengineer automation
  • Preparation of test during PC assembly in BAC (Bundling and Assembly Centre);
  • Preparation of test part of the assembly line;
  • Management of Test equipment and procedures;
  • Helpdesk for technical PC problems in BAC.
1984-1991Philips CE, Novatronics, Applikatie Beheerder
  • Participate as application developer & manager in the Process- and quality department;
  • Member of a development team, of a defect registration system:
  • Responsible for reporting facilities and user interfaces of a defect registration system (Adabas/Natural);
  • Execute Helpdesk funktions
  • Defining end creation of statistical reports.
  • Development in Clipper and Lotus 123 with macros;
  • Creation of databases for registration and quality measurements in Clipper, etc.;
  • Member of the PC policy commision of Consumer Electronics and Novatronics;
  • Development of data presentations for management reports;
  • Liaison between production and Company Information Systems department (mainframes);
  • Information support for external contacts;
  • Management of PCs.
1981-1983Philips CE, Novatronics, SPC Lid
  • Application manager
  • Statistical Process Control support, data management, create internal- and external presentations;
  • Participate in development of a defect registration system;
  • Manager of a defect registration system and process support.
1977-1980Philip, Storingzoeker
  • Faultfinder of digital modules for TVs and support for testing on these modules executed by a computer (basic).
1973-1976Philips, Radio Grammafoon Televisie, Storingzoeker
  • Faultfinder Hearingaids.

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